Fliegl's own tipper test facility

An investment in safety

Stability plays an enormously important role, especially in the loading and unloading processes of tipper trailers. On the in-house tipper test facility, Fliegl tests exactly this property down to the smallest detail and incorporates the results into the development of its tipper portfolio. Chassis movements, deflections of the body and frame twists of the Fliegl tipper trailers are closely scrutinised on the in-house tipper test facility.

Fliegl's tipper test facility is capable of simulating a ground slope of maximum 12 degrees. All risk factors for driver and vehicle are precisely recorded on the facility. Lateral inclinations are simulated exactly to the degree and deviations in the construction of different tipper trailers are determined to the millimetre. In this way, Fliegl obtains valuable knowledge for its own product development and makes its contribution in terms of road safety and occupational health and safety.