Fliegl Road Train -

Combined sustainability

The beneficial combination of economical components: Truck (two- or three-axle motor vehicle) with fixed or interchangeable body + CLG dolly + semi-trailer = Fliegl Road Train. It falls into category 3 of long trucks with a maximum overall length of 25.25 m.

The clever combination of everything brings you economic advantages. With a Fliegl Twin, for example, you reduce the costs of consumption and wear enormously. More usable loading volume and 9 t axles enable you to do profitable transport business.

With the Fliegl Swap Train every third trip is saved!

Transport 3 swap bodies with one load and achieve 50% more efficiency and 30% less fuel consumption per swap body or per transported pallet/box/shipment.

Secure your advantages, the Fliegl Swap Train makes it possible:

  • Combined transport with three WABs at the same time pays off - The roads are relieved.
  • Two Swap Trains carry the identical number of WAB as three standard BDF trains.
  • The scarce resource driver is used more sensibly
  • Costs are amortised in less than one year
  • Up to 89 t CO 2 can be saved
  • The elimination of an additional train also reduces particulate matter pollution
  • Increasing freight volumes are not necessarily accompanied by more vehicles on the road
  • Combined transport is significantly strengthened, as long-distance transport is carried out by rail.
  • Higher revenues can be achieved with almost identical expenditure. - Fuel consumption is significantly reduced, as every third journey is eliminated
  • 89 t CO2 correspond to the CO2 compensation of 7,120 bookings per year