Tipper trailer from Fliegl

Super strong steadfast guys

Conical in series since 2010

In independent comparative tests, Fliegl tipper trailers have proven time and again that they are particularly stable and tilt-resistant. Dump deflection and torsion score with top values. Already in 2008, Fliegl put a special tipper test bench into operation. In 2010, Fliegl defined conically shaped dump bodies as standard. Bulk material slides out of the cone, which becomes wider towards the rear, quickly and without residue, abrasion on the inside of the body is reduced. Fliegl's conical body has been awarded the European Transport Prize for sustainability several times.

A comprehensive aerodynamic package with special air deflectors and with Fliegl membrane rear wall (with double-jointed hinge) also reduces air resistance. Fliegl adjusts every single axle with the help of precision lasers. This individual measurement guarantees less rolling resistance, fuel consumption and tyre wear a measurable added value Fliegl exclusive.

For the chassis, Fliegl relies on the hardest steels, combined with consistent intelligent lightweight construction. Greenlight lightweight steel chassis weigh and cost less than comparable aluminium frames. Greenlight tipper trailers achieve top values for empty weight and payload and reduce operating costs.

The curved frame front of the Fliegl Greenlight tipper trailer is striking, without corners and edges. It saves weight for the benefit of the payload and stabilises the frame, as vertically acting forces are optimally bundled and transferred to the fifth wheel plate. On the underside of the Curved Chassis is a steel deflector that simplifies coupling and prevents damage. The rounded shape also simplifies manoeuvring, as there is more freedom of movement for the tractor without corner surfaces.

The standing platform at the front of the Fliegl tipper trailer is bolted directly to the sleeve of the tipping cylinder. This reduces the overall height of the vehicle when the body is tipped, which is particularly useful in tunnels, underpasses, under bridges or in halls. The connection lines do not protrude into the tipping angle and cannot be damaged during tipping. Only Fliegl positions the connections so that the driver can reach them without crawling under the vehicle.

Other tipper trailer innovations:

  • Extendable ladder in the middle of the standing platform, which allows access from the left and right side
  • Non-slip work safety step on the standing platform
  • Shovel and broom holder
  • Protected built-in lighting
  • Air tank installed as cross beam
  • Continuous tilt shaft integrated into the chassis
  • Particularly light underride guard, easy to operate, pneumatic on request
  • Tilt lowering
  • Finishing brake
  • Haldex Safe Parking
  • Fliegl Drive On


Holistic sustainability: Fliegl tipper trailers reduce fuel consumption by approx. 10%. They reduce pollutant emissions and are characterised by low life cycle costs.


  • Lightweight construction with high-strength materials: more payload and efficiency, less pollutant emission
  • Aerodynamic package incl. membrane rear panel: up to 8%, lessCO2 (6.5 t p.a.), NOX (1.7 kg p.a.)
  • Curved chassis: weight advantage, stability advantage, easier hitching up
  • Lowest centre of gravity on the market, best driving characteristics
  • Low loading edge: no damage when loading
  • Standing platform and connections bolted to sleeve Tipping cylinder: overall height is reduced when body is tipped, spatial separation Standing platform connection plate & lines >> protection against damage
  • In series: integrated reversing lights, 2 integrated towing hooks, central tarpaulin lock