Anti-Ice System can save lives

"You live more quietly as a driver..."

Legislation stipulates the removal of water and ice from truck tarpaulin roofs before the start of the journey. For the driver, this means tedious, time-consuming and above all dangerous work, and so this duty is often neglected. Instead, an unwanted roof load travels with the truck, which can quickly become a roof avalanche. Time and again, sheets of ice sliding off tarpaulin roofs cause serious traffic accidents. With their considerable weight, roof loads of ice, snow or water can also damage the body of the trailer. So the problem and the dangers are obvious. The solution for tarpaulin trailers from Fliegl is called Anti-Ice, a design that prevents the formation of water lakes and ice sheets on truck roof tarpaulins in an uncomplicated and cost-effective way. Fliegl prevents this and has an Anti-Ice system in its range.

It consists of a flat air hose that is mounted between the tarpaulin and the roof crossbar. With the aid of the on-board compressed air system, the driver pumps up the hose, the tarpaulin rises longitudinally (about 15 cm), the vehicle is given a kind of pointed roof from which water can run off. With the help of a valve, the air hose is deflated and the roof lowers again. The Anti-Ice system can also be used as a preventive measure when parking the truck. Rainwater flows off immediately, no ice can form on the vehicle roof, the body is not exposed to unnecessary weight load. Fliegl Anti-Ice increases road safety, saves time and money, avoids water problems in loading zones, protects tarpaulins and superstructures and relieves the driver.