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Curtainsider and curtainsider from Fliegl Trailer

Geared to your needs of today and tomorrow

Fliegl trailers are above all practical, labour-saving and impressively time-saving. With curtainsiders, Fliegl focuses especially on simple and safe operation. Wherever mechanical components can be used, susceptible electronics are consistently avoided. Innovative, repair-friendly developments with exceptionally good durability values distinguish Fliegl curtain semitrailers. Functionality and safety are the top priority.

Here, Fliegl distinguishes itself from its competitors even in the smallest details and attaches importance to the greatest possible customer benefit. Sturdy steel chassis are the load-bearing basis of the trailers, which, supplemented by a multitude of equipment options and body variants, become individual trailers for every transport requirement.

Well thought-out, consistent lightweight construction, durable designs and practical detail solutions - Fliegl shows how it's done.