Walking floor trailer

for silica sand, boxes, potatoes and pellets

Fliegl's walking-floor trailers are suitable for transporting almost all bulk goods: whether in agriculture for transporting beets, grain or potatoes, in the fuel trade for transporting wood chips and pellets, waste disposal companies for transporting sewage sludge or glass. But also pallet goods can be loaded, so the push floor trailers are even more versatile. For the floor, Fliegl offers different profile thicknesses, starting with 6 millimetre thick aluminium, through the heavy-duty floor to steel floor variants. The particularly highly stressed area in the shake-out zone at the rear is additionally covered with a wear plate. The hydraulic cylinders for the pushing device are installed in the floor, the drive is effected hydraulically via the truck's power take-off; the driver controls forward or reverse travel via a remote control.

The front and side walls of the body are made of hollow aluminium profiles. These also contribute to the unladen weight of only 7,100 kg; the maximum payload for the standard sliding floor semitrailer is 27,900 kg. The three-axle sliding floor semitrailer offers a transport volume of 92 cubic metres, but it can be even larger: as a long truck, the X-tra Long variant can even hold 101 cubic metres. More volume means fewer journeys and therefore reduced fuel costs, as well as protecting the environment and relieving the strain on roads. In addition to the three-axle version, there is also the two-axle variant, whose reduced tare weight saves even more fuel. Fewer axles, less weight, less diesel, plus low wear and operating costs. Twin makes sense!

Technical data


3 axle walking floor semitrailer 92 m³

Total weight perm. / techn. in kg approx.

35.000 / 39.000

approx. Trailer load in kg

11.000 / 12.000

Unladen weight in kg approx.


Aggregate load perm. / techn.

24.000 / 27.000

Payload in kg approx.


Volume in m³


Interior length IL in mm


Internal width IB in mm


Interior height IH in mm

2.655 / 2.853

Overall length GL in mm


Total width GB in mm


Overall height GH in mm

4.000 / 4.050

Saddle height AH in mm


Single tyres

385 / 55 R 22,5“