Low loader

Robust. Innovative. Flexible.

Fliegl lowers your load: For heavy, high or bulky loads such as construction machinery, plant components or concrete elements, Fliegl has various low-loaders in its portfolio. Whether semi-low loader or low-loader trailer - thanks to 30 years of experience in trailer construction, all Fliegl vehicles are optimally equipped for the tough everyday transport. This starts with various ramp designs: Whether one-piece or two-piece, long or short, covered with wood or metal grids, straight or with rear slope - Fliegl offers the optimal ramp for every application; on request hydraulically liftable, lowerable as well as laterally movable. On the ground, robust wood with a thickness of 70 millimetres provides grip and stability. The laying with a gap between the planks ensures that the wood dries again faster and thus lasts longer.

For transports with excess width, such as for large tracked excavators, depending on the low loader, side extensions can be pulled out, which can also be covered with the 70 mm screeds; the screeds are stored in recesses in the middle of the low loader when not in use and are thus always on board. Lashing eyes and rings with 5 or 10 t tensile force ensure that every load reaches its destination safely. To ensure that this is possible on tight construction sites, the trailers can be equipped with hydraulic or mechanical steering axles. Where other manufacturers wave off, there is hardly a customer request at Fliegl that is not fulfilled; the vehicles can be individually tailored to the application.


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