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Green Road - Fliegl's production concept

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are high on our list of priorities. With a major impact on the entire production process - but above all on each of our products, which therefore enjoy special recognition throughout the industry. It already begins before the trailers are manufactured, which takes place at a central location. Our trailers and semi-trailers are designed, produced and assembled without intermediate plant transports over long distances. At our state-of-the-art trailer plant in Triptis, Thuringia, we have installed over 40,000 solar modules on the roofs of the production halls and administration. We operate a combined heat and power plant, heat with wood chips and waste wood, and restore our surroundings. We have planted more than 15,000 fir trees in and around Triptis. All these measures lead to the fact that weproduce 3 times more electricity than we consume. Of course, our resource-saving and sustainable philosophy also underlies our product manufacturing. For example, frames and vehicle parts are ecologically painted in a highly efficient plant. Without energy-intensive baking processes. Fliegl manufactures more than 2,500 self-engineered components and parts with energy-saving pulse welding machines, press brakes and fiber lasers. The in-house production enables even filigree adjustments for the benefit of product quality.

Robust, uncomplicated mechanics make our vehicles fit for your daily transport routine. Mechanical systems function trouble-free in the long term and without fluids that pollute the environment. You save maintenance costs and avoid downtimes. Fliegl exclusive: Every single axle is precisely adjusted individually by precision laser. Thus, our Fliegl trailers run true to track, have no unnecessary tyre wear and can be driven perfectly. Lightweight construction has a high priority, so that we achieve top values for trailer weight. For the benefit of payload andCO2 emissions. Our Fliegl Quick Lock Systemgenerates a plus in aerodynamics for curtainsider trailers. It does not require any protruding locking buckles, resulting in a completely flat tarpaulin surface. Our tipper trailers are built as standard with an aerodynamicconical trough and withCurved chassiswhich has a round, extremely flat frame neck. This means that the tipper trailer does not protrude above the tractor unit and reduces air resistance. Wind deflectors and the innovative membrane rear wall support this. Our two-axle Fliegl Twin curtain semitrailers significantly reduce fuel consumption compared with three-axle semitrailers. Ecology and sustainability - we mean business. We have been awarded for this. With the German Sustainability Award 2016.