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Fliegl Trailer

the trailer efficiency

Fliegl trailers are among the industry leaders in terms of empty weight and capacity and are true workhorses. The Fliegl curtainsider has a payload advantage of 500 to 1000 kg compared to other trailers.

Even in the basic version, we focus on simple, safe operation and do without failure-prone electronics. Already during production we pay attention to sustainability. Frames and vehicle parts, for example, are painted ecologically in a highly efficient facility. Without energy-intensive stoving processes. The complete vehicle concepts are thought through down to the last detail in terms of sustainability; lightweight construction has the highest priority.

This is what trailer efficiency means to us:

  • 10 % less weight
  • 10 % less diesel
  • 10% less CO2

Countless features also contribute to this. Whether time-saving tarpaulin central lockingQuick LocktheFreeLoad Systemfor the use of the complete loading width, the environmentally friendly lifting roofEco Liftor the roof bar that does not sagRoof non-elasticthe extremely time and space savingLightning hoodor the smooth-running door lock FlieglI-Lock. The list of components that express our understanding of efficiency is long.

Roof non-elastic: +300 mm loading height

  • Roof bar made of torsion-resistant aluminium profile
  • No bending during loading and unloading
  • Through-loading height front: 2,900 - 3,130 mm
  • Through-loading height at the rear: 3,000 - 3,230 mm
  • Maximum lift height: 375 mm
  • Extreme time saving

Sliding roof Fliegl Blitz: 25 % time saving

  • 25 % time saving when opening
  • 390 mm more space for loading and unloading
  • No springing back when open
  • Say NO to plastics - spring steel instead of plastic
  • Maintenance-free and easy to repair: Up to 1,125 € savings per year *
  • Roller guide of the roof bows screwed, not riveted
  • in case of repair: easy replacement of individual roof bows everywhere possible
  • Integrated locking bar support
  • Integrated belt lift system
  • 10 % higher payload
  • 10 % lower fuel consumption
  • 10 % lower pollutant emissions
  • Optimal alignment of toe and camber
  • Less wear on tyres and axles
  • Higher running performance
  • Less fuel consumption (approx. 2 litres/100 km)
  • Exclusively for Fliegl trailers

Quick Lock central tarpaulin lock: 50 % time saving

  • Purely mechanical, therefore extremely resistant to repairs
  • All loops are tightened simultaneously by hand lever
  • Opening of all loops with only one movement
  • Time saving: 50% when opening and 33% when closing
  • Ideal for loading and unloading several times a day
  • Tested load securing (DIN EN 1642 Code XL and DC 9.5)
  • Single or double-sided design
  • Automotive version with integrated slats
  • 12 or 20 locking points per side (depending on tarpaulin)
  • 2 or 3 sliders per side
  • Optimal protection of the tarpaulin belts in the area of the wheels

Free Load System: +1.20 metre loading width

  • Revolution in loading and unloading
  • Full loading freedom on 13.20 m (instead of 12.00 m)
  • Considerable practical advantages:< Time saving, simple operation, loading fl exibility

Patented door lock I-Lock

  • Minimal force required for opening and closing
  • Locking mechanism integrated into the frame
  • Fewer parts - less wear
  • Damage almost impossible
  • Saves 1000€ maintenance costs p.a.

Smart safety with Safe-Lock

  • Safe-Lock Basis: Optical warning signal via the vehicle lighting in the event of unauthorised opening of the doors
  • Safe-Lock Basis Plus: Optical and acoustic warning signal
  • Safe-Lock Premium: Optical and acoustic warning signal as well as automatic reporting of GPS data and door opening times via push email to SmartWatch, SmartPhone, tablet etc.
  • Complete documentation
  • Compatible with other telematics systems