Changeable Chassis from Fliegl

Complete selection

Profitable performer

Fliegl builds all common swap trailers and manufactures a dozen different vehicle types: With turntable, as tandem or tridem, in low-coupled jumbo design and as so-called DACHSER version.

Fliegl also supplies the matching swap bodies for all trailers in different parking heights as well as in the standard sizes 7.15 metres, 7.45 metres and 7.82 metres.

Now also available as a semi-trailer

Fliegl Single Semitrailer - the compact trailer for swap body transport

The destination is not always in well-developed logistics centres, sometimes the last mile goes through narrow streets to narrow backyards - a usual swap body trailer quickly reaches its limits here. A smaller vehicle is also often sufficient for short shuttle transports between two warehouses. With the compact 1-axle single semitrailer, Fliegl once again responds to special customer requests and enables the universal use of your semitrailer tractor.