The Fliegl Free Load System

100% loading width on 13.2 meters

The Free Load System can be operated in just a few steps, but creates a considerable practical advantage over conventional curtain saddles: Loading and unloading operations are significantly simplified, safer and take less time - especially with large and bulky goods. Free Load is available for all Fliegl Road and Megarunners with and without coil trough. With the Free Load system, Fliegl revolutionises the loading and unloading of curtainsiders. The concept is both uncomplicated and effective. The open tarpaulin and sliders are folded out over the rear so that the entire loading width of the trailer can be used without restriction.

First, the curtain, pushed together and bundled with a strap, is hooked into the Free Load frame at the rear corner stanchion. This is followed by the sliders, which are pulled to the rear of the curtain saddle and secured in the device. After opening the lifting roof, the locking mechanism on the chassis is released so that the Free Load frame swings back towards the wing doors. Here the system is securely locked in place. The full width of the vehicle is available for loading and unloading. Curtains and sliders do not constrict the loading possibilities and are at the same time protected from damage by forklift trucks, pallets or transported goods.