Sliding roof Fliegl Blitz

Includes two load securing systems

When it comes to load securing, the Fliegl Blitz sliding roof scores on two counts: its integrated locking bar holder and its integrated Fliegl Easy Fix belt lift system provide an all-round carefree package and optimised load securing. The locking bars are simply inserted into the device of the roof crossbar and fixed to the ground - clamped in place, so to speak. They can be moved and thus flexibly positioned.

The integrated Easy Fix belt lift system is also integrated in the roof crossbars. No parts protrude into the load compartment. This makes the belt lift indestructible. There are no repairs and therefore no costs and downtimes. Belts are not twisted - the entire system is absolutely user-friendly. The Fliegl Easy Fix belt lift enables the fastest possible strapping and unstrapping of the load.