Quick Lock System

The tarpaulin quick release fastener from Fliegl

Quick Lock from Fliegl is the solution for curtainsider semi-trailers that are used under high time pressure, are frequently loaded and unloaded and whose tarpaulin is opened and closed correspondingly often. Quick Lock saves time. 50% when opening and 33% when closing. Above all, hauliers who have to load or unload several times a day or who drive to loading areas with a limited length of stay benefit considerably from this. The best example is the automotive supplier sector, where literally every second can count. In addition, this innovation helps to reduce fuel costs: locking buckles no longer protrude, a flat tarpaulin surface is created which is less exposed to dirt. The trailer's aerodynamic drag and diesel consumption are reduced.Quick Lock therefore saves time, money and increases comfort. A shaft fitted with 12 hooks is mounted under the cargo bed.

The loops of the tarpaulin locks are simply hooked into the hooks, then the shaft is turned by means of a lever mounted centrally in the middle of the vehicle, the hooks pull the loops downwards, the tarpaulin is tensioned. At the ends of the loops there are triangular eyelets with legs of different lengths. By manually turning these asymmetrical triangles before hooking in, the degree of tension of the tarpaulin can be specified, which Quick Lock produces. Before unloading, all locks can also be opened with a single movement by turning the shaft in the opposite direction: All locks fall out of the hooks and the tarpaulin can be moved immediately. Quick Lock works completely mechanically, is therefore not susceptible to faults, and repairs are practically impossible.