Quick Tyre Safe System (QTS)

Tire certificate

Fliegl trailers guarantee certified safety for demanding tyre transport. Equipped withQTS(Quick Tyre Safe System), curtain semi-trailers from Fliegl meet all (transport) requirements of the legislator according to DIN EN 12642 as well as the wdk guideline of the Federal Association of the German Rubber Industry.

The certified vehicles have a higher number of lateral aluminium insertion slats. This reduces their distance from each other and the loaded tyres exert less pressure on the tarpaulin. According to legal regulations, the slats may not be more than 250 mm apart in the lower part of the side wall, 350 mm apart in the middle and 450 mm apart in the upper part.

The trailers are also equipped with a vertical stanchion per stanchion field for the attachment of tension belts. By means of straight bracing and cross bracing in the interior, pretzelled tyres are fixed. The DEKRA-tested elements are available for Fliegl curtain semi-trailers in standard, mega and jumbo design as well as for sliding curtain trailers with coil trough, which thus become even more flexible in their application possibilities. Wire or metal spools can be stowed on the coil and the Mega Coil from Fliegl just as non-slip as tyres.