Single saddle for WAB transports

The compact, flexible semi-trailer for swap body transport "Fliegl SES Single" kills several birds with one stone thanks to its special design. Short, manoeuvrable and easy to manoeuvre - this is how the semi-trailer reaches hard-to-reach destinations in local, urban and shuttle transport. It enables the flexible use of your tractor unit and transports swap bodies of 7.45 m and 7.82 m length or even 20" containers in addition to conventional semi-trailers.

As with all Fliegl swap body trailers, the guide rollers can be removed if necessary, the four locking devices sit on stable outriggers on a 20-foot base. Thanks to folding supports that can be extended to the front, the 1-axle trailer can also be unloaded under load. The 24-tonne two-speed support winch ensures a secure footing and rapid unhitching. The short trailer rolls on an axle with 10 t axle load - enough for the mostly light swap bodies.

Its advantages in summary:

  • It is short, manoeuvrable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Ideally suited for local and urban traffic
  • For transporting 7.45 m and 7.82 m swap bodies and 20" containers
  • Your tractor unit can be used flexibly
  • You can react individually to your transport requests and drive trailers and swap bodies as required

The most important features at a glance:

  • 8,130 mm overall length
  • Approx. 1,840 kg unladen weight
  • 9 tons axle load
  • Frame available galvanised or painted

Technical data

Total weight in kg


Payload approx. in kg


Axle load in kg


Assumed fifth wheel load


Unladen weight +/-building tolerance approx.


Total length approx.


Total width max.


Fifth wheel height approx.


Frame neck height approx.

120 mm

Ride height approx.

1.260 mm

Parking height approx.

1,320 mm

Loading height raised approx. 1,390 mm
Loading height lowered approx. 1,200 mm