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Our philosophy

Innovation, efficiency, sustainability

35 years of Fliegl in Triptis means 35 years of innovation, efficiency and sustainability in vehicle construction. We produce trailers and semi-trailers for the construction, forwarding and logistics industries; from curtainsiders, container chassis or tipping semi-trailers to low-loaders, sliding floor trailers and tandem trailers to platform trailers Fliegl offers a product variety that is second to none. And yet practically no vehicle comes off the peg. We implement individual customer requests with our standard products as well as special custom-made products. The frame needs to be shortened? Do you need one more hydraulically steered axle? A special convertible top control should make the work easier? We will take care of it.

Innovating for you Our motto is program, and the sum of many small innovations and clever detail solutions makes our vehicles so special. For example, all tipper trailers offer an aerodynamically favourable conical trough as standard. Thanks to the extremely flat frame neck, the tipper trailer does not protrude beyond the tractor unit, which reduces air resistance, as do the side wind deflectors and the membrane rear wall. In the case of curtainsiders, our Quick-Lock system ensures a completely flat tarpaulin surface, as it does not require any protruding fasteners.

Depending on the design, our vehicles achieve an extremely low unladen weight. This pays off on every journey: through more payload and lower consumption on empty runs; in addition, the environment is protected thanks to lower CO2 emissions.

Depending on the vehicle, the low unladen weight is achieved, among other things, by weight-optimised frames with recesses, lightweight aluminium rims or hollow-chamber sidewall profiles. Every trailer leaves our factory with axles precisely measured and adjusted by laser. This ensures low tyre wear and less fuel consumption. The production of the vehicles is as efficient as the vehicles themselves. We manufacture in Triptis at a central location without intermediate plant transports. When purchasing vehicle components, we ensure that full truck loads are accepted so that deliveries are always made at optimum capacity. In 2021, we purchased twelve new electric forklift trucks, which are completely emission-free on the factory premises because we generate the electricity ourselves, with photovoltaics: the roofs of the production and storage halls are extensively covered with more than 40,000 solar modules. This means that we not only cover the electricity requirements of the entire plant, but also produce three times more green electricity than we need; the surplus is fed into the public grid. By investing in state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to significantly reduce energy consumption in production.

For our holistic approach to resource efficiency, we were awarded the German Sustainability Award in 2016 and have already received the European Transport Award for Sustainability several times. We are also a member of the nationwide pioneer initiative Klimaschutz-Unternehmen.