TPS Building material

Specialized in the transport of building materials

In addition to the tarpaulin variants, our TPS 180 is also available with drop sides for transporting building materials. An end wall made of 25 mm thick hollow aluminium profiles is supplemented by the 700 mm or optionally 1000 mm high drop sides, which can be folded down and removed. 18 lashing eyes in the outer frame (26 in total) hold the load on the 30 mm thick floor made of screen printing plates, in which four lashing strips are also recessed transversely. Available with a platform length of 6.9 or 7.3 m.

The standard and maxi variants score with an unladen weight of 3,300 kg and a payload of 14,700 kg. With an unladen weight of 3,500 kg, the Mega-E variant has a payload of 14,500 kg. With an unladen weight of 3,700 kg, the Mega-Z and Jumbo-Z variants offer a payload of 14,300 kg; thanks to 17.5-inch twin tyres, they score with a low loading height of only 980 and 900 mm respectively. Tensioning straps can be hooked into the load-lock profile in the slightly sloping outer frame.