The length is what matters.

Fliegl's telescopic saddles are the solid and robust basis for special transport requirements with extremely long loads. The extendable platforms score with their versatility. Length, fifth wheel height and number of axles vary according to customer requirements.

Axle configuration and load securing elements as well as the end wall height and its design can be individually adapted. The telescopic semi-trailers are available in standard and mega versions.

The Fliegl TS with standard fifth wheel height The Fliegl TS telescopic semi-trailer with standard fifth wheel height scores with maximum flexibility thanks to its centre telescope that can be locked every 500 mm and is 4 m long. This allows the maximum overall length of the trailer of 17.85 m to be optimally adapted to the length of the load. The intelligent trailer concept enables a payload of up to 25 t thanks to its unbeatable unladen weight of only 7,200 kg, which can be loaded at the load centre of gravity over a length of 3 m when not telescoped. The self-steering system with automatic reverse lock ensures excellent driving characteristics and maximum manoeuvrability. Another advantage is the comprehensive load securing system.

6 pairs of extendable stanchion pockets, lockable every 100 mm, allow the use of the internal width of 2.10 m - 3.5 m for loading as well as up to 3 m for transports and their securing with over-wide loads. Another 5 pairs of stanchion pockets are fixed in the outer frame. 12 further stanchion pockets in the floor complete the possibilities for securing loads when transporting pipes. This is supplemented by securing options for the transport of structural steel mesh. A further three pairs of stanchion pockets on the longitudinal beams ensure a secure fit to the rear and front when transporting 2 x 5,000 mm or 2 x 6,000 mm long mats. Six wire rope construction steel winches complete the securing options.

The Fliegl TS Mega with only 950 mm fifth wheel height Another telescopic fifth wheel configuration is theFliegl TS Mega. The fifth wheel height of a Mega fifth wheel of only 950 mm gives even more flexibility when the load is not only wider, but longer or higher. In combination with the right tractor unit, the height of the loading sill is thus only around 1,060 mm - there is accordingly plenty of room upwards for the load. There is also plenty of room for the load in terms of weight, as the trailer scores with a tare weight of only 9 t in the basic version. When pushed in, the trailer is only 13,500 mm long and can therefore be driven without a special permit. The box frame made of high-quality steel can be extended in a total of 17 steps and can be conveniently pneumatically locked in each step.

Intermediate inserts make it possible to use a continuous floor even when the telescope is fully extended. This is advantageous when several small machines drive up to the bulkhead on wheels or tracks. In order to make the drive-up possible, the frame was bevelled by 8° in the rear area over a length of 500 mm. The telescopic rear outriggers ensure safety when driving up - even with heavy machines. This allows construction machines weighing up to 24 t to be picked up. In addition, the loading area can be widened to 3.00 m in order to carry out extra-wide transports. When loading, the loading area can be used from 2.10 - 3.50 m. A comprehensive load securing system rounds off the equipment of the TS Mega.

Fliegl telescopic semi-trailer XXL: Tailor-made and reliable Fliegl Trailer stands for innovation and sustainability. Another innovation in terms of loading length is theFliegl telescopic semi-trailer XXL. Its total length of 13.85 m can be extended by up to 4 m with the centre telescope. The centre telescope can be locked every 500 mm. The additional rear extension allows the loading area to be extended by a further 1.5 m. With its intelligently designed concept, the trailer can transport loads up to 22 m long. This pays off especially in iron or steel transport. This is made possible by its clever axle configuration. The axles are positioned so that the drive axle is not overloaded. Another major advantage is the unbeatable unladen weight of the telescopic semitrailer. With a tare weight of only 7 t, the telescopic plateau stands out compared to the competition with a payload plus of 3 t.

The extra-long load is secured with stanchions, whose stanchion pockets are recessed in the outer frame, in the longitudinal and transverse beams and in the floor. The provenFliegl Load Lock profile for tensioning strap suspension and a further 13 pairs of hooks welded to the frame round off the load securing portfolio with possible transverse tensioning. Less is more? Not always! More load length, more payload, more load securing options = more benefits for the entrepreneur. Give us a call, we will be happy to advise you.