Fliegl Drive On

Tilt stabilizer with starting aid

Often only accidents show how precious life is. But Fliegl anticipates this and focuses on your safety. For this purpose, Fliegl equips its tipper trailers with the patented tipping stabiliser. When the tipper is upright, two strong metal supports provide a stable connection between axle and frame. This absorbs lateral rocking movements. The system also takes over the function of fixing the height, which simplifies the transfer of asphalt to a paver, for example. When the empty skip moves downwards, the tilt stabilizers automatically return to their resting position. Hydraulic drive axles are on everyone's lips. But no longer with us, because we have long since taken a big step forward. Our new development in terms of tipping stabilisers, the Fliegl Drive On, is much more effective, lighter and more environmentally friendly than anything previously developed.

With our Drive On, 2.8 t of the trailer weight are shifted to the drive axle of the tractor unit during tipping. This corresponds to 10.7 % of the trailer weight. When moving off, even a highly effective 6.7 t of the trailer weight is shifted to the drive axle of the tractor. This in turn corresponds to 25.8 % of the trailer weight. And as a further benefit: The entire and above all very light solution (weighs a total of only 26 kg instead of several hundred) works completely without hydraulic oil. It couldn't be more environmentally friendly. All in all, you gain a remarkable amount of stability and safety at work. You avoid cost-intensive repairs and recoveries and you enjoy all the advantages that systems such as HydroDrive®, all-wheel drive and driven axles bring. All this just through intelligent weight shifting.