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MegaRunner 4.0

with 30 millimeter frame neck

The MegaRunner 4.0 from Fliegl puts a spanner in the works of complaints about violations of the legal height requirements, of conventional penalties, of expensive downtimes: Thanks to its frame neck of only 30 millimetres in height, the Mega curtainsider offers a real 3 m internal height, but remains below the legal height mark of 4 m - with a semi-mounted height of a realistic 940 mm.

The weight of the new MegaRunner is also in a class of its own among height-optimized curtainsiders: Manufactured in Fliegl lightweight construction, the basic model manages with only approx. 6400 kg. The Fliegl MegaRunner 4.0 - a complete novelty on the commercial vehicle market, which serves the demand of major customers from logistics and covers a market gap in the automotive and fleet management sectors.

Technical data

Type MegaRunner 4.0
Dead weight: 35,000 kg
Payload: 6,400 kg
Assumed fifth-wheel load: 28,600 kg
Axle load technically: 11,000 kg
Internal dimensions 3 x 8,000 kg
Semi trailer height unloaded: 13,650 x 2,480 mm
Side loading height front: 940 mm
Side loading height rear: 2,860 mm
Front interior height: 2,860 mm
Interior height rear: 3,000 mm
Overall height: 3,000 mm
Tyres: 385/55 R 19,5