Reinforced Steel Mesh Semi-trailers

State-of-the-art safety

Load securing is the be-all and end-all during transport, which is why Fliegl has developed the Vario stanchion system and had it certified. The stanchions can be moved sideways on the loading area in the stanchion crossbars and adapted to the load - so, for example, mats made of construction steel or lumber pallets cannot slip. Three gantries additionally secure the load against forward and rearward movement. Eight steel cable winches supplement the usual tensioning belts.

If no stanchions or drop sides are required for transport, they can be stored in special stowage compartments - more flexibility is not possible. And the payload is also impressive. Up to 33,100 kg are technically possible, the unladen weight of the three variants Standard, Maxi and Mega is 5,300 kg each. The construction steel mat semi-trailer rolls out of the factory on laser-measured disc brake axles as standard.

Technical data


SDS 390 Standard

Total weight perm./techn

35.000 /39.000

angen. Saddle load in kg perm./techn.

11.000 /12.000

Unladen weight in kg


Payload in kg perm./techn.

29.010 / 33.010

Frame neck height H in mm


Platform length PL in mm


Platform width PB in mm


Total width GB in mm


Fifth wheel height AH in mm


Axle make (T =drum)

SAF Disc

Single tyres

385 / 65 R 22,5“