Blitz hood

No to plastic, yes to safety: Fliegl Blitz hood

It is also possible without plastic: With the Blitz soft top, Fliegl relies instead on spring steel. The result is an innovative roof construction for curtain superstructures including roof bows, superior smooth-running sliding roof and integrated belt lift system (retrofittable, preparation as standard) with a multitude of practical plus points:

  • fast, comfortable handling: 25 % time saving when opening and closing the roof
  • 39 cm more room to manoeuvre when loading and unloading thanks to space-saving spring steel elements that can be pushed together
  • Opening position is held precisely and reliably
  • Functions without locking mechanism or technical aids
  • 10 kilos lighter than conventional constructions
  • robust construction, no material fatigue, maintenance-free & repair-friendly: up to 1,125 € savings per year (result of evaluated maintenance contracts)
  • recyclable components

The barrel of the sturdy Fliegl Blitz canopy is made from one piece. This construction enables the load to be secured by means of 20 rubber-foot locking bars - cargo-independent and variable: the integrated brackets allow the bars to be fixed in a variety of positions in the Blitz soft top, the load can be secured flexibly in different places. The integratedEasy Fix belt lift system is also integrated in the roof crossbars. No parts protrude into the load compartment. Thus the belt lift is indestructible. The roof bar of the Blitz soft top is lower and more torsion-resistant than conventional sliding soft tops. It offers 30.5 mm more loading height than conventional trailers and does not bend. Repairs can be carried out in just 20 minutes - so there is no downtime compared to other sliding roofs. Fliegl promises a lifetime warranty in case of breakage.