Anti-slip floor

Stable and non-slip

For full-surface and functional load securing, Fliegl equips its curtainsider semi-trailers with an anti-slip floor. Instead of loose anti-slip mats, a top layer built up on an epoxy resin basis generates greater friction between the platform and the cargo. Particularly with partial loads, the time-consuming laying of the anti-slip mats is no longer necessary, which also reduces the working and standing time for the driver and trailer.

The anti-slip surface is extremely hard-wearing and - unlike rubber mats - can be driven over with forklift trucks or pallet trucks without any problems. The tough-elastic coating material of the anti-slip floor is dimensionally stable and does not become brittle. The anti-slip floor is available for Fliegl RoadRunner and MegaRunner, the coil versions as well as the Mega Flex, on whose primed screen printing plate it is applied. Retrofitting at a later date is also possible.