Saves operating and diesel costs

Tyre pressure under control with the Tyre Inflate System

Underinflated tyres are one of the biggest cost traps in freight transport. Poorly inflated tyres cause:

  • up to 4 % more diesel consumption
  • 85 % of all total tyre failures
  • more than half of all breakdown service calls
  • 10 % of all cases of premature material wear

The savings potential of Fliegl trailers with Tyre Inflate System(TIS) is correspondingly high. The tyre inflation module works automatically and effectively: it permanently monitors the tyre pressure and inflates automatically when required.

The advantages:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower diesel costs
  • Longer tyre life
  • Less downtime due to punctures

Example: With a pressure loss of 0.5 bar, a combination drives with about 875 litres more fuel and about 1200 Euros in unnecessary operating costs per 100,000 kilometres of mileage.

The TIS is available for all Fliegl trailers - depending on the respective axle configuration - and can be retrofitted without any problems. The tool optimises operating cost management with a plus in economy, value retention and safety.