Fliegl TransFarmer

Careful logistics for sensitive agricultural goods.

TheTransFarmeris a three-axle trailer with a box body made of abrasion-resistant quality aluminium. With its lightweight steel chassis, it is a new addition to Fliegl's sustainable Greenlight series. A unique feature is the left side wall of its body: It can be hydraulically lowered 7600mm. This reduces the drop height when harvesting potatoes, carrots, onions, cucumbers, etc., the fruits land gently, damage and waste are minimised. The Transfarmer helps to meet the high quality standards of food processing companies. For metered unloading, the two-wing rear portal of the tipper (pendulum-mounted, with rubber seal and two grain slides) can be raised steplessly.

The frame of the trailer has mounts for the Horsch Trailer Lift - a type of dolly with caterpillar drive that hydraulically lifts the vehicle for use in the field and moves it through the terrain with low ground pressure. The Trailer Lift arms can be locked separately, so that the trailer can also be loaded and unloaded conventionally. With its variable trough side wall and the advantages of the caterpillar drive, Fliegls definesTransFarmerdefines a new standard in harvest logistics. It increases yield quality, eliminates time- and technology-intensive reloading at the edge of the field, shortens handling times, requires less personnel and reduces energy consumption. In between harvesting periods, it stands out as a fully-fledged tipper trailer for diverse year-round operations.

Technical data


Immediate approval

Total weight perm./techn. in kg

35.000 / 39.000

approx. Saddle load in kg

11.000 / 12.000

Unladen weight in kg from approx:


Payload in kg approx:

29.105 / 33.105

Axle load in kg

24.000 / 27.000

Volume in cbm


Frame neck height H in mm


Internal length IL bottom approx. in mm


Internal length IL top approx. in mm


Volume approx. in cbm


Fifth wheel height AH approx. in mm


Frame neck height approx. in mm



385/65 R 22,5“