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Vario Chassis.

Maximale Variabilität, optimale Sattellast.

The Fliegl Vario chassis are maximally variable and flexible. They have an optimal fifth wheel load and meet all requirements of container logistics.

Their core is their centre telescoping with Tele Control, which allows the transport of all common containers from 20 to 45 feet. The Tele Control is used to activate the parking brake of the axles and - depending on the container size - to select the desired length of the extension with a single hand movement. Height adjustments at the rear and foldable centre supports enable container transport without a tunnel.

Vario Chassis are available in 4 models:

  • Vario Chassis V1, consisting of centre telescoping and rear extension.
  • Vario Chassis V2 and the V3 - each with centre telescoping, rear and front extension.
  • Vario Kipp Chassis as a real bulk material innovation

In all variants, the supply unit is mounted higher and coupled to the deflector on the front extension. This provides better protection. The deflector itself has been fitted with a vertical plate that protects it from deformation and at the same time makes loading the trailer even easier: the container finds its position quickly and easily.

The hot-dip galvanised mechanical rear extension has a rubber-mounted guide shaft for more grip and an additional suspension effect. In order to optimise work safety when pushing back the telescopic extension, the frame has been shortened in the area of the telescopic tunnel. This creates more space for safe operation of the extension.

Fliegl has moved the support feet to the rear. This allows the tractor to manoeuvre with optimum clearance - even at extreme angles. The heavy block at the rear has been extended to the rear so that the light unit of the vehicle is protected and cannot be damaged when approaching a loading ramp. The underride guard automatically locks into the desired position when extended to the rear.

Fliegl's Vario V2+ is designed with an extremely short rear overhang - its practical advantage is an outstanding 25% more fifth wheel load.

The novelty: Fliegl Vario V3.

A clear payload plus was the aim of Fliegl's current development in the field of container chassis. A Vario chassis of the type V3 is created. The current unladen weight of the vehicles of the new series is 4700 kg. Hauliers and drivers can therefore be sure of always having a weight reserve and being able to carry the sealed containers. The new container chassis is particularly at home when transporting full containers in combined transport. It has a front, middle and also a rear extension, the latter is even galvanised.

Another highlight of the vehicle is its low frame neck height. It corresponds to the height of the container lock. The vehicle frame is therefore as low as the container tunnel is high. This means that the V3 can be driven with a lower semitrailer height, can withstand the height restriction without any problems and can therefore also be used for cross-border transports and Swiss transports without any problems.

Its support legs have been moved outwards, making it easier to hitch up and unhitch over pits, and the slewing radius for trucks has been optimised. The extensions of the V3 allow the following container transports:

  • 20 feet: centre telescope pushed in (20 feet)
  • 30 feet: flush with rear, centre telescope 1st step (30 feet)
  • 2x 20 feet/40 feet: rear extension extended, 1st step, with and without tunnel
  • 45 feet: centre telescope extended, 2nd step, stern extension extended, 2nd step with tunnel and overloaded to stern
  • 45 feet: center telescope extended, 2nd stage, front extension extended, 1st stage, rear extension extended, 2nd stage with long tunnel and bevelled corners Great variety, enormous load capacity and more flexibility are the decisive advantages of the Fliegl Vario container chassis. For convincing technology and simple operation.

Technical data


SDS 380 Vario V1+

Without front extension

SDS 380 Vario V2+

with front extension

Total weight in kg approx.



angen. Saddle load in kg



Unladen weight in kg



Payload in kg



Frame neck height H in mm



Total length GL in mm

9.600 / 13.400

9.600 / 14.040

Overall width GB in mm



Fifth wheel height AH in mm



Pick-up options in feet

1x20" flush rear 1x30" flush rear 2x20", 1x40" and 1x45" tunnel container

1x20" rear flush 1x30" rear flush 2x20", 1x40" and 1x45" tunnel container

Axle make

SAF disc

SAF disc

Single tyres

385 / 55 R 22,5“

385 / 55 R 22,5“