The integrated lock is Fliegl's idea for quick and practical securing of the load compartment. The I-Lock principle: Instead of an attached lock counterpart, the hooks of the door wings now engage directly in a recess in the vehicle frame. The components that could be damaged in the past are completely eliminated. Fliegl's I-Lock is not only indestructible, but also easy and safe to operate: The handle always remains in the correct position, the door can be closed immediately - without "threading". The risk of damage is minimal, and the handle itself can be easily replaced if necessary. I-Lock saves time, repair and spare parts costs.

Fliegl's Safe-Lock offers full control over the cargo area. It monitors I-Lock by means of a (telematic) system for theft protection. A sensor on the handle detects the status of the door (open/closed) and reports it to a module that immediately triggers a visual and acoustic alarm if required, which can be deactivated at any time by radio remote control.

Safe-Lock is offered in three options:

  • Basic: visual warning signal via vehicle lighting
  • Basic plus: visual warning signal and acoustic alarm
  • Premium: door opening times are stored with the respective location, the data is transmitted automatically; complete documentation option for parcel services, transport of valuables etc. (in combination with corresponding telematics or data transmission system)

The batteries of the Safe-Lock module are integrated into the electrical circuit of the vehicle and function without further connection to the tractor unit. They charge independently while driving and have an operating time of about two weeks when stationary. Safe-Lock is compatible with conventional telematics systems, so that linking or networking is possible. Vehicle and cargo always safely in view - with the original Fliegl Safe Lock.