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Fliegl only recently presented the new Move Secure standing platform at Bauma, and the first customer vehicles are already on the road with it. Sebastian Lowak from Chieming in Bavaria ordered a three-axle tipper semitrailer with steel trough from Fliegl, naturally with the new Fliegl Move Secure platform including electric fliptop sliding roof.

Lowak has already reeled off 3,000 kilometers in the first week; he is currently driving flood material, otherwise mainly gravel, excavated material, demolition material or gravel for road construction. "In the construction industry, empty runs cannot be avoided, so the low empty weight was definitely a deciding factor in the purchase," reports Lowak. At just 5418 kilograms in the basic version, the Light Basic three-axle semitrailer with steel body is a real lightweight.

is particularly efficient: With a height of only 1,450 millimeters, the body is lower than the cab, which ensures low air resistance; this is complemented by the lightweight aluminum rims and the lightweight frame with patented curved front end. Of course, the SAF off-road disc brake axles are laser-measured and optimally adjusted, which reduces rolling resistance and contributes to low fuel consumption.

The side panels of the payload-optimized 24.5-cubic-meter round body are made of 4-millimeter-thick highly wear-resistant steel; the floor is 4 millimeters thick in the front area and 5 millimeters thick in the higher-load shake-off zone. Thanks to the conical shape - the trough is 8 centimeters wider at the rear than at the front - no cargo gets stuck. This is also ensured by the absolutely smooth surface without stops in the rear area. Even without an additional seal, the curved membrane flap is almost completely leak-proof; two clamping screws with toggle locks provide additional security. The double-jointed hinge offers a very large opening angle, which facilitates tipping.

All supply connections as well as shovel and broom are easily accessible at the front of the vehicle. After unhitching, standard cross braces on the 24-ton two-speed support winch ensure stability. Until the next use, the hydraulic hose is parked in its holder and does not lie on the ground - this keeps the coupling clean. When loading from the side with the wheel loader, bulk material always goes astray. Thanks to the integrated and stone-repellent mudguards, it immediately falls to the ground and is not transported onto the road.

At Bauma in Munich, Sebastian Lowak saw the new Move Secure platform and immediately ordered it. Because unlike a ladder, the swiveling and folding platform cannot slip away, and the treads offer plenty of grip thanks to a non-slip covering. The special shape and fastening ensure easy access to the supply connections from both sides. Thanks to galvanization, it is optimally protected against rust and ensures greater safety and comfort for the life of the trailer.

Fliptop sliding canopy scores with clever details: the guide rail is 1 meter longer than in similar canopies, which provides more stability; in addition, there is only one steel cable or guide roller for operation - this prevents the canvas from running crooked and getting caught. In addition, the canopy does not have to be additionally braced at the rear.

Sebastian Lowak attaches great importance to safety, which is why his new tipper trailer has the patented drive-on system on board. It reduces rolling movements and the risk of the trailer tipping over on uneven ground when the body is upright. For this purpose, two fold-out metal supports create a connection between the last axle and the frame during tipping; after lowering, the supports spring back to their original position. The system, which weighs just 26 kilograms , works purely mechanically and also offers a starting aid.

In addition, the first axle can also be raised under load, shifting 6.7 tons to the drive axle - resulting in more traction on loose ground. Above a speed of 25 km/h, the axle automatically lowers again. Since the drive-on system means that the air bellows are no longer fully compressed, the rubber blocks inside last much longer. The same applies to the arms of the air spring mounts, which are located at the lowest point and are permanently exposed to dirt and moisture. Fliegl is therefore the only manufacturer to galvanize the air spring arms and offers a 10-year anti-rust guarantee.

Fliegl does not skimp on the light either: the comprehensive LED package consists of multi-chamber tail lights, side marker lights as well as position and lane departure lights. Two LED worklights integrated at the rear ensure optimum illumination when maneuvering, and another LED headlight is mounted on each side on the right and left. The rear-view camera system ensures greater safety when maneuvering.

With a new vehicle, the overall package has to be right, including the delivery time. "I bought the trailer at Bauma and got it within a month," says Sebastian Lowak, pleased with the extremely short delivery time. He also likes the family atmosphere at Fliegl. If it fits technically and interpersonally, nothing stands in the way of a long cooperation. That's why Sebastian Lowak ordered a low-loader shortly after the semitrailer.

The most important facts at a glance:

Three-axle rear dump semi-trailer with steel body Light Basic

Type DHKS 390 StoneMaster light Greenline

  • 5418 kilograms empty weight in the basic version
  • Payload technical/permitted: 29,582 kilograms / 33,582 kilograms
  • 24.5 cubic meters loading volume
  • Conical, aerodynamic round body, only 1,450 millimeters high
  • Drive-on tilt stabilizer and starting aid
  • Move Secure standing platform, swivels and folds out
  • Electric fliptop sliding roof
  • LED package, alloy wheels, rear view camera
  • 10-year warranty against frame rust-through; also for air suspension mounts