The ideal tipper semi-trailer for every transport task

Whether coarse gravel or fine gravel, from stone chunks to mastic asphalt - tipper semi-trailers are almost always used when transporting bulk materials for construction. Depending on the transport task, Fliegl customers can choose the optimum tipper semi-trailer for their needs from a wide range of variants. Whether with two or three axles, with aluminium or steel body, in standard or particularly lightweight design; also available as a thermal tipper with insulated body for road construction. With volumes of 25 to 57 cubic metres, Fliegl tipper trailers cover most transport tasks, whether in the construction or agricultural sector.

The two-axle semi-trailers are ideal for payloads of up to around 29,000 kilograms. Optionally with aluminium or steel body, each in the light version with a particularly low unladen weight. The ZHKA 330 (A for aluminium) is available with a 25 or 30 cubic metre aluminium body; the ZHKS 330 (S for steel) as StoneMaster Light rolls forward with a 25 or 27 cubic metre steel body. The DHKA/DHKS 390 three-axle semi-trailers are suitable for higher payloads of up to around 34,000 kilograms.

The Revolution trailer is available with a body volume of 25, 30 or 49 cubic metres. The Revolution tipper semi-trailer achieves its low unladen weight and low fuel consumption through various measures: The lightweight chassis rolls on light aluminium rims, the side walls of the aluminium body are made of 30 mm thick hollow chamber profiles and are only 1,450 mm high on the 25 cubic metre version. This means that the tipper trailer is lower than the cab, which reduces air resistance. The conical body also ensures better aerodynamics and therefore lower fuel consumption.

In the light version, the DHKA 390 is available with a skip volume of 25, 30 or 38 cubic metres, plus 27 and 31 cubic metres for export. The aluminium tipper is also available as a large-capacity body with a volume of 40, 41, 50 or 57 cubic metres. The DHKS 390 with steel body offers a volume of 25 or 27 cubic metres in the steel body version, the LightMaster even 50 cubic metres (also as an agricultural version).

Like every Fliegl trailer, the tipper semi-trailers also offer many clever details as standard and as an option: The aluminium plates of the aluminium body are particularly light, but with a hardness of 110 Brinell, the surface is particularly hard - this ensures low wear even with abrasive goods. The double-jointed hinge offers a very large opening angle, making it easier to tip even large lumps of stone. When transporting moist bulk materials such as sewage sludge, the skip must be almost completely sealed - no problem at all thanks to the rubber seal and six additional clamping screws.

New S.T.E.P. standing platform provides more comfort and safety

Fliegl always has driver safety in mind, and manually opening and closing a roller tarpaulin is not only inconvenient, but can also be dangerous, especially in wet and snowy conditions. That's why Fliegl presented an innovation at Bauma 2022 that makes access much safer: the swivelling and folding S.T.E.P. standing platform, in combination with a new electric fliptop sliding cover. The platform cannot slip away, the steps are covered with non-slip chequer plate; it can be mounted on the left or right and can be folded out with little effort. The new S.T.E.P. standing platform can be fitted to all Fliegl tipper semi-trailers in combination with the electric fliptop sliding roof, regardless of the skip type and height. Thanks to its galvanisation, it is optimally protected against rust and ensures greater safety and comfort for the life of the trailer. Keyword rust protection: To ensure that the tipper trailers last particularly long and earn money, the arms of the air suspension mounts are also galvanised, as they are located at the lowest point and are permanently exposed to dirt and moisture. Fliegl offers a 10-year warranty against rusting through.

More traction and stability - thanks to the Fliegl drive-on system with tilt stabiliser

To prevent the trailers from tipping over when tipping, Fliegl has developed the patented drive-on system with tilt stabiliser. Two fold-out metal supports create a connection between the last axle and the frame when tipping; this prevents rolling movements and reduces the risk of the trailer tipping over on uneven ground when the body is raised. After lowering, the supports automatically return to their original position. The system, which weighs just 26 kilograms, works purely mechanically. The first axle can also be raised, which shifts 2,800 kilograms of the trailer weight onto the fifth-wheel plate when tipping, thus also ensuring greater stability when unloading. With the body lowered and fully loaded, as much as 6,700 kilograms are shifted to the drive axle - resulting in more traction on loose ground.

Asphalt professional Thermo

For some years now, hot asphalt may only be transported to the construction site in insulated vehicles or skips. With the Asphaltprofi Thermo, Fliegl has the ideal vehicle on offer. The complete round steel skip including floor, front and rear is clad with Isotherm; the particularly light material offers an excellent insulation value, so the asphalt reaches the construction site very hot and can be optimally processed there. The Asphaltprofi is also based on the payload-optimised frame construction in a conical design, which reduces fuel consumption; the curved frame front ensures high torsional rigidity. The Thermo tipper semi-trailer is available as a two- or three-axle model with a body volume of either 24.5 or 27 cubic metres.