Telescopic flatbed semi-trailer with a payload of almost 30 tonnes

With the Fliegl two-axle flatbed semi-trailer of the type SZS 440 Jumbo can be used to transport not only particularly long but also very heavy loads. The special equipment makes it possible.

Heggli AG from Kriens in Switzerland required a particularly versatile vehicle: large sliding windows need to be transported, sometimes long material, occasionally containers too; the semi-trailer also needed to be telescopic, but at the same time manoeuvrable enough for tight construction sites. "Fliegl responded fully to our needs and customised the trailer, so to speak," reports Fredy Amstutz, Head of Technology at Heggli.

The Fliegl SZS 440 plateau semi-trailer with a drop deck length of 7,700 millimetres plus the gooseneck with a length of 3,850 millimetres already offers enough space for a wide variety of loads. But sometimes more space is needed; Heggli transports long crane parts, among other things. This is where the SZS 440 scores with its telescopic main frame or low bed. The low bed can be extended and locked in 500 millimetre increments by a whole 5,500 millimetres . It is locked using a pneumatic bolt lock, and there is also a locking indicator on both sides of the frame. Together with the 3,850 millimetre long gooseneck, this results in a maximum loading length of 17,050 millimetres .

When pushed together, the reinforced frame is designed for a point load of 20,000 kilograms over a length of 4,000 millimetres. The longitudinally laid hardwood floor is 30 millimetres thick, while the omega profiles underneath ensure the high point load capacity.

To ensure that the load always remains securely on board, Fliegl has installed a large number of load securing points. The lashing eyes can be loaded with a tensile force of 5 tonnes, 16 of which are embedded in the outer frame, two more are located on the gooseneck and six more in the drop centre. An additional 28 lashing eyes, also with a tensile force of 5 tonnes, are bolted to the outer frame, 4 more are mounted on the gooseneck and 10 more in the drop centre. The lashing eyes/lashing holes, which are located underneath the outer frame and are intended for securing overwidth loads, among other things, can be loaded with 10 tonnes each. The low loader version of the outer frame is also designed for lashing strap attachment and is equipped with the corresponding hole profile.

The other load securing options are adapted to the requirements of window transport: To ensure that the large window elements to be transported can be securely fastened, Fliegl installs three lashing/stanchion rails transversely in the loading floor. The hot-dip galvanised stanchions can be moved flexibly within them.

The locking devices for a 20-foot container offer flexibility, as the retractable version does not require an adapter. Ein dreiteiliger, steckbarer Ausgleichsbock für den Höhenausgleich zum Schwanenhals ist ebenfalls an Bord, er lagert bei Nichtgebrauch hinter der Stirnwand. Tensioning straps, locking adapters and other LaSi equipment are stored in the two lockable aluminium storage boxes with stainless steel flaps.

The 1,350 mm high bulkhead consists of a 25 mm thick aluminium profile; the bulkhead including steel stanchions can be plugged in and removed. Eine zusätzliche Rückwand am Ende des Schwanenhalses besteht aus Siebdruckplatten; die restlichen Bordwände, 600 Millimeter hoch, sind wie die Stirnwand aus Alu-Profilen gefertigt.

Der Sattelauflieger rollt auf Trommelbremsachsen mit Zwillingsbereifung, jede Achse wurde im Werk per Laser vermessen und perfekt eingestellt – das verringert den Rollwiderstand und Reifenverschleiß. Something else was important for the trailer: "Things are getting tighter and tighter on construction sites and manoeuvring is correspondingly difficult. That's why we wanted both axles to be steerable," says Fredy Amstutz. Nun sind beide Achsen hydraulisch zwangsgelenkt, der Geber des elektronischen Lenksystems befindet sich am Königszapfen; per Funkfernbedienung kann eine Nachlenkfunktion aktiviert werden, die die Fahrer auch oft nutzen. Thanks to axle load detection via the EBS canbus, the driver can keep an eye on the trailer weight, as well as data such as mileage and diagnostic and system messages.

The comprehensive LED package consists of multi-chamber rear lights, side marker lights, position lights and lane departure lights. In addition to the LED rotating beacon at the rear, the equipment also includes 4 illuminated warning signs, which can be extended to a width of 3 metres. Two LED work lights at the rear and another on the right and left ensure safe working and manoeuvring. Contour markings with reflective strips at the sides and rear as well as an ECE 70 warning sign round off the safety package.

The trailer will cover around 30,000 kilometres per year in Switzerland, so it is sure to have a long life. On top of that, there is also a 15-year warranty against rusting through, as the trailer is hot-dip galvanised and painted.

The most important features at a glance

Two-axle flatbed semi-trailer, type SZS 440 Jumbo with telescoping

  • Drop centre length: 7700 + 5500 mm
  • Frame telescopes by 5,500 mm, in 500 mm increments
  • Payload: 29,500 kg; unladen weight: approx. 10,500 kg
  • Various LaSi options with 5 and 10 to. tractive force
  • Container locking system for 20-foot containers
  • Electronic trailer steering system for both axles