Lightweight and robust with a high payload

In the tipper segment, customers need payload above all else, and Fliegl delivers:

The ZHKS 330 StoneMaster can carry 1000 kilograms more than comparable tipper semi-trailers, and thanks to a payload of 26,700 kilograms with an unladen weight of just 5.2 tonnes, the haulier earns more money on every journey, saves diesel and has less tyre wear.

This also convinced the customer Toggenburger AG Winterthur from Switzerland, who recently ordered the two-axle tipper semi-trailer with 27-cubimetre steel body from Fliegl via our sales partner Avesco AG Langenthal and had it equipped with a number of extras. "The unique unladen weight was of course also a decisive factor in the purchase," says Product Manager Florian Zwahlen from Avesco.

Payload-optimised steel body

The side sections of the payload-optimised body are made of 4 millimetre thick wear-resistant 450 HB steel, the wear-optimised floor is 4 millimetres thick in the front area and 5 millimetres thick in the more heavily loaded dumping zone. Thanks to the conical shape - the body is 80 millimetres wider at the rear than at the front - no load gets stuck. This is also ensured by the absolutely smooth surface without stops in the rear area. The domed membrane flap is completely sealed thanks to the additional rubber seal, and moist bulk goods remain in the skip. The ZHKS 330 also offers something special: the tailgate can be opened and closed hydraulically - and can also swing. "The customer often transports large field stones, and to prevent damage to the tailgate when tipping, it is opened beforehand. With a special control system - installed by Avesco AG - the rear wall can be controlled separately via the cab. Noise protection is also an important point; people in the Zurich conurbation are very sensitive to noise, even on construction sites," explains Florian Zwahlen from Avesco.

Like every Fliegl vehicle, the ZHKS 330 StoneMaster offers well thought-out details, which above all ensure the durability of the tipper semi-trailer: the upper belt, for example, is particularly robust, consisting of a double layer of steel with a thickness of 8 millimetres. If the excavator or wheel loader does bump into something during loading, the tipper body remains in shape - eliminating the need for expensive repairs. The underride guard folds in automatically and pneumatically as soon as the skip is raised and folds out again as soon as it is lowered. This makes the driver's day-to-day work much easier.

At just 1.6 metres high, the top edge of the skip is significantly lower than the cab. This reduces air resistance, as does a closed roof, when the wind can no longer catch on the rear wall flap when the body is empty. The sliding roof ensures safety and comfort. Thanks to the electric drive, automatic partial opening when tilting and radio remote control, there is no longer any need for the driver to climb up, which can be dangerous not only in snow and wet conditions.

If the tractor unit's drive axle loses traction on muddy construction sites, the tipper semi-trailer's starting aid comes into play: the first axle is designed as a lift axle, which can be raised up to 30 per cent above the axle load. From a speed of 25 km/h, the axle automatically lowers again. The ZHKS 330 rolls on SAF off-road disc brake axles, which are laser-measured and perfectly adjusted at the factory. This ensures low rolling resistance, low fuel consumption and less tyre wear. The polished aluminium rims not only look good, they also contribute to the low kerb weight.

Useful details

Fliegl installs a horizontally adjustable kingpin hitch; this allows the tipper semi-trailer to be moved with both a two-axle and a three-axle tractor unit. "The customer drives 6x4 tractors, so the distance from the 1st to the 2nd kingpin position was changed slightly on this trailer," reports Florian Zwahlen from Avesco. All supply connections as well as the bucket and brush are easily accessible at the front of the vehicle, the hydraulic hose hangs in a holder and is not on the ground - this keeps the coupling clean. After unhitching, standard cross struts on the 24-tonne two-speed support winch ensure stability.

Good lighting also contributes to greater safety, and not just in the darker months of the year. Two protected LED headlights at the rear illuminate the rear working area; the multi-chamber rear lights with dynamic indicators, side marker lights as well as position and lane departure lights are also fitted as LED versions. The aluminium hook-on ladder with "safety plus" also ensures greater work safety.

Depending on the application, only one or two stages of some hydraulic cylinders are hard chrome-plated; on this vehicle, all stages are coated and therefore particularly wear-resistant. The arms of the air suspension mounts also last longer than those of other manufacturers. They are located at the lowest point of the vehicle and are constantly exposed to dirt and moisture. Fliegl is therefore the only manufacturer to galvanise the air suspension arms and offers a 10-year warranty against rusting through.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Over 26,700 kg payload (1000 kg more than comparable tippers)
  • Under 5.3 tonnes unladen weight
  • 27 cubic metres loading volume, conical body, only 1.6 metres high
  • Sliding roof with electric drive and radio remote control
  • Hydraulically opening tailgate, also swinging, rubber seal
  • Pneumatic underride guard
  • Adjustable kingpin mount, for two- and three-axle tractors
  • Galvanised air suspension mounts