Deep and robust - the VTS 400 platform low loader with wheel recesses

With four axles and a technical payload of 30,500 kilograms, the VTS 400 lowbed trailer is ideally suited for transporting heavy excavators and wheel loaders.

Loading area

The four axles ensure optimum load distribution even at full payload; heavy construction machinery can be loaded centrally between the axles. An excavator arm is then stored 15 centimeters lower than the loading floor in a special 1.8-meter-long and 65-centimeter-wide trough; four lashing holes are embedded in the side of the trough to secure the load. The 40-centimeter-deep wheel recesses mean that even taller wheel loaders can be transported without exceeding the permissible overall height; when not in use, covers can be pulled out of the main frame to create a flat loading area.

For particularly wide loads, the loading area can be widened to 3 meters by means of side extensions. The bend is covered with a steel/checker plate, while the rest of the loading floor and the 850-millimeter-long rear slope are made of 70-millimeter-thick wooden planks. The larch wood used results in a particularly high coefficient of friction, which is desirable for load securing. If the low-loader is traveling with a normal width of 2.55 meters, the additional planks for the widening are stored in a stowage box underneath the loading area. Another stowage box is located on the bend in the floor.

The one-piece, hot-dip galvanized steel ramps are 2.8 meters long and 75 centimeters wide; they can be raised and lowered hydraulically and moved sideways individually. They are also covered with the 70 mm thick softwood planks.

Load securing

Like every Fliegl vehicle, the low-loader offers ample lashing possibilities: 16 lashing mushrooms, each with a tensile force of 10 tons, are recessed in the top and sides of the outer frame, 12 of which are distributed on the low-loader bed, 4 on the offset. In addition, there are 10 ring lashing eyes with a tensile force of 5 tons each in the outer frame, which can be converted into stanchion pockets. Two folding lashing eyes, each with a tensile force of 10 metric tons, are also recessed in the flatbed, two more on the crank and two more behind the last axle.


The drum brake axles with twin tires come from SAF and are laser-measured as usual at Fliegl - this ensures low tire wear and reduces fuel consumption. An axle load display is mandatory for air-suspended vehicles when applying for an exemption permit according to §70 StVZO, which is often required for heavy-duty transports; on the VTS 400, the EBS canbus signal supplies the axle load to a display in the driver's cab. The air suspension can be operated separately on the front and rear axles.

Safety and lighting

Of course, the trailer is equipped with the prescribed safety markings: these include contour markings with white reflective stripes at the sides and red at the rear, a warning sign in accordance with ECE 70, and an LED rotating beacon at the rear. Two additional LED-illuminated warning signs at the rear can be extended to a width of 3 meters. The rear splash flap also extends across the entire width of the vehicle, and half-shell mudguards are used in front of and behind the first two axles.

The extensive LED package consists of multi-chamber taillights with dynamic turn signals, side marker lights, and position and lane departure lights. The lighting package includes a detachable rotating beacon, as well as two LED worklights at the rear; the two retractable warning signs are doubly illuminated with LEDs.

The most important features at a glance

  • Low-bed trailer with 4 axles on 12 m overall length; length of low-bed platform incl. rear bevel 7.15 m
  • Payload: 30,500 kg, unladen weight: 9,500 kg
  • Loading area in low bed can be widened to 3 m with planks
  • 70 mm thick softwood floor for optimum friction coefficient
  • Air suspension with axle load display for application for exemption according to § 70 StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations)
  • Galvanized steel ramps, 2.8 m long, 75 cm wide; can be raised, lowered and moved hydraulically
  • Wheel recesses 40 and 30 cm deep, can be covered; excavator trough 1.8 m long, 65 cm wide
  • various LaSi possibilities with ring lashing eyes, lashing mushrooms, folding lashing eyes

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