100 percent Fliegl - by conviction

Nowebau Zentrallager GmbH und Co. KG from Großefehn in Lower Saxony is a real heavyweight in the industry as a building materials wholesaler: the company transports 130,000 tons of building materials per year and supplies its 95 shareholders in Germany with them; the central warehouse in Großefehn alone offers 100,000 square meters of storage space.

That calls for a fleet of vehicles that can be relied on.

"The vehicles we used in the past did not meet our requirements, so we are replacing them all with Fliegl trailers with galvanized frames," says Lothar Ideus, head of logistics at Nowebau. With the delivery of the two recently ordered two-axle trailers, the trailer fleet will consist entirely of Fliegl vehicles. Nowebau ordered the first SZS 320 RoadRunner Twin 200 semitrailers back in 2016, and since then several new vehicles of the same type have followed every year.

Whether windows, insulation material, KG pipes or fences - Nowebau transports everything that is needed for house and yard with the curtain semitrailers. "On average, we are on the road with 17 volume tons, two axles are sufficient for this, but we still have reserves," says Lothar Ideus. This is because the payload is 25.4 tons, and 10 tons of technical axle load is possible thanks to the slightly extended axle spacing, which is 1,810 mm. The 30 mm thick floor made of screen printing plates is designed for a high point load: thanks to crosswise running beams, the forklift axle load can be 7100 kg. Under the loading floor there are right and left are storage compartments for the 32 insertion slats; the pallet box is also particularly large and offers space for 32 Euro pallets. Like every axle that leaves the factory at Fliegl, the BPW disc brake axles on the RoadRunner Twin 200 are laser-measured and perfectly adjusted, which ensures low tire wear and less fuel consumption. The 2nd axle is also designed as a lift axle with forced lowering: "When driving empty, the entire train is thus only on the road with 3 axles and correspondingly economical," reports Ideus.

Safety is also a top priority, which is why the new trailers are equipped with various options. On the front wall, the 140-millimeter-high steel crash blocker serves as impact protection in the event of an accident. The robust body is Code XL certified, and belts are welded into the tarpaulin horizontally and vertically for reinforcement. The roof is designed as a sliding roof, and Nowebau also ordered the Anti-Ice system, in which an air hose located centrally under the roof prevents snow and rainwater from accumulating and freezing in winter. This means that the traffic following behind is not endangered by falling sheets of ice.

See and be seen is the motto of the LED package, consisting of LED taillights and side marker lights. In addition, LED safelights are mounted in the corner stanchions at the top. An LED worklight at the rear ensures safety when maneuvering, while another headlight on the inside of the bulkhead makes loading and unloading easier in the dark.

The Fliegl RoadRunners remain in the fleet for around 10 years and cover between 80 and 100,000 kilometers per year. The frames are hot-dip galvanized and passivated, which ensures many years of rust-free operation.

One more thing is important to Lothar Ideus: "I have never experienced that the boss of another manufacturer has come here personally and inquired whether everything is in order with the vehicles. Helmut Fliegl does that," says the logistics manager. After all, in addition to a good product, proximity to the customer also counts.

The most important at a glance

Two-axle curtainsider semitrailer, type SZS 320 RoadRunner Twin 200

  • 25.4 tons permissible payload; 5.5 tons empty weight
  • 10 tons technical axle load thanks to 1,810 mm axle spacing
  • Lift axle, therefore empty run as total train with only 3 axles possible
  • floor designed for 7100 kg forklift axle load, 30 mm screen printing plates
  • Sliding roof, roof with anti-ice system
  • Body Code XL certified
  • Frame hot-dip galvanized and passivated for long rust protection