Container or construction machine? The ZPS 200 transports both.

Enormously flexible, with high payload, perfectly adaptable to the respective transport requirements - these are the maneuverable two-axle platform trailers with turntable. Whether construction machinery, skip or roll containers - with the ZPS 200 from Fliegl, contractors are equipped for many types of use.

The ZPS is optimally equipped for container transport: 4 pneumatic locking hooks with 5.6 tons of low-tension force are embedded in the floor, as are four spreader locking wedges. The longitudinal guide rails can be moved sideways and, if necessary, removed completely; the rails are then stored in the corresponding storage compartment. However, there is also room for construction machines on the 7-meter-long loading area; they can be climbed on the 3-meter-long aluminum ramps, which are stored in the lockable storage compartment under the loading area when not in use. A recess for the container rollers is recessed into the steel floor at the front.

Load securing is a top priority at Fliegl, which is why 16 lashing mushrooms, each with a tensile force of 5 tons, are recessed in the top and sides of the outer frame; also in the outer frame are a further 14 ring lashing eyes, which can be converted into stanchion pockets; 4 combination/plug-in stanchions are included in the scope of delivery. An open stowage box is installed for container nets; a further, lockable stainless steel stowage box is also on board.

As usual with Fliegl, the two SAF drum brake axles are measured by laser and precisely adjusted, which ensures low tire wear and lower consumption thanks to low rolling resistance. Lightweight aluminum rims contribute to the low unladen weight of only 4050 kilograms. To ensure that the permissible gross weight is not inadvertently exceeded, an axle load detection system including display is on board in the cab, which receives data from the EBS canbus signal.

For ease of operation, the drawbar can be raised and lowered pneumatically; thanks to parking sockets for electrical and air connections, plugs and couplings remain clean and do not lie on the ground. The comprehensive LED package consists of multi-chamber taillights with dynamic turn signals, side marker lights, and position and lane departure lights. The lighting package includes an LED worklight at the rear and one each on the right and left.

The most important features at a glance

  • Payload 13,950 kg, unladen weight 4050 kg
  • Pneumatic container locks, spreader locking wedges, longitudinal guide rails can be moved laterally and removed, incl. storage compartment
  • Pneumatic lowering and lifting support for the drawbar Aluminum ramps, 14 t load capacity, 3 m long
  • Various LaSi possibilities incl. lashing eyes, lashing mushrooms with 5 t tensile force each

Fliegl Trailer at the Bauma: Outdoor area north, booth 721/9.